Frequently Asked Questions

Security/Accessing Ross Hall

What is Ross Hall's access policy?

All access must be approved by the Office of Resource Management and Operations. Any access lists should be sent to Ross Hall Operations ( at least 48 hours before guests are expected to arrive. All guests must be escorted into the building by POC (Point of Contact), no exceptions. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Ross Hall Operations at (202) 994-9882, or the above email address.

If the front desk is UNABLE to identify the purpose of visit/POC, access to Ross Hall will not be granted.

Classroom Services FAQ

Reservation Instructions

Please follow the instructions to below to access and create reservations through our EMS scheduling system. The system will allow reservations in Ross Hall, select rooms in Himmelfarb Library, and SMHS space at 2600 Virginia Avenue. For questions, please contact Classroom Services at

How do I make a reservation in EMS?
  • Visit
    • Select > “Classroom & Event Reservation and Request” button on the Right-Column of the page
  • Click “MY HOME” Tab located at top of the page
    • Login using GW netID—give the site time to load the page
      • Your GW netID is your username and password associated with your email. (username + password – please omit
      • If the first login times out, try again, and it should load properly
      • Do not create a reservation before logging in; you will be unable to see all reservable spaces and dates.
  • Click “Create Reservation” on the left-hand side
    • Select the proper template for your reservation
      • SMHS Classroom – For Class Lectures Only
      • SMHS Event – For all other requests (meetings, events, etc.)
      • SMHS Student – For Student Use only
    • Click “Book Now” on the far right-hand side.
  • 1 Rooms Tab
    • Fill in the proper parameters for your reservation
      • Date
      • Start and End Time
      • Location: You can select specific buildings (Ross, Himmelfarb, etc.)
      • Click “Search” when done
    • Review the spaces available
      • To add room,  click on the Green “+” symbol next to the room’s name
      • Enter number of attendees and desired set-up type in pop-up window
      • The room will appear under a new section called “Selected Rooms” near the top of the screen
    • Click “Next Step” at the top of the page
  • 2 Services Tab
    • Fill in all information that pertains to your reservation
      • AV Request: Select your AV needs (AV Assistance, Webex, etc.)
      • Deans and VIP: For Deans and Special guests
      • Guest: If you have non-GW visitors, please fill this out
      • Setup Notes: For additional (non-AV) setups (food, catering, table setup, etc.)
      • SMHS Furniture: For furniture needs (tables, skirted tables, additional chairs)
      • Once complete, Select "Next Step"
  • 3 Reservation Details Tab
    • Fill out all required fields
    • To Search for Department, select the “Looking Glass” icon to the side
      • If you cannot find your department listed, select “Department Not Listed” and enter the name under the “Additional Information” section
    • Be sure to fill your name and contact information in the 1st Contact section.
    • IMPORTANT: By submitting this request, you have agreed to submit the reservation 48 hours in advance of your event
    • Click on “Create Reservation” at the bottom of the page
  • Once complete, it will be set to “Tentative”, which will then be reviewed by Classroom Services. If approved, you will receive a confirmation that the room has been reserved.
    • On the Home Page, there is a “My Events” button in the Left-Column. Here, you can check your reservations, statuses, request cancellations (for confirmed reservations), make time or dates changes, and add any additional needs after your initial request.

Thank you all for your participation as we continue our efforts to provide a better and improved room reservation experience at GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

I am making a reservation but I don’t see rooms for Ross Hall or Himmelfarb Library

In order to properly make reservations as a GW member, you are required to log in using your NET-ID and Password

I have logged in properly, but once I try making a reservation, it kicks me out, and I become a guest again

If this happens, please contact Classroom Services for further assistance.

When I try logging in, it take a very long time or gives an error message

For improved response with logins, please clear your browser history and cache.

f you wait till the login times out, please try logging in again immediately, and the response should be soon.

Who is considered a guest and when should I fill in this section?

Guests are individuals that do not have access to Ross Hall, and would need a GW member to sign them in. If an individual has a GW ID and access to Ross Hall – you do not need to fill in this section

How do I find my department?
  1. Click on the “Magnifying Glass” icon to the right
  2. Type in 3-4 letters of your department
  3. Your department should show up, and you select
How do I cancel a reservation?
  1. Got to "My Events"
  2. Select the event you want to cancel
  3. Select the Red Circle next to the date that you would like to cancel
Can I change my date or time of my reservation after submitting it?
  1. Got to "My Events"
  2. Select the event you want to cancel
  3. Select "Booking Tools"
  4. Make the appropriate changes to your event
Can I add services to my existing reservation?
  1. Go to “My Events”
  2. Select specific event
  3. Click “Add Services” in the upper right-hand column.
  4. NOTE: Services should be requested within 48 hours of the event
How do I check the status of my reservations?

On your home page – Click on “My Events”

When is the latest that I can submit my request?

We ask all requests to be made 2 business days in advance of the event date. All requests made within 2 business days will not guarantee that the reservation will be confirmed or any services requested to be provided.

Student organizations should make requests 1 week in advance, to allow sufficient time to review and approve the request.

When does the next calendar semester open for making reservations?

The reservation opening dates are listed on the Classroom Reservations page.

Updates will be posted each semester, and an email will be sent out informing the community when the calendar opens.

What are these templates and which ones should I choose?

When you select “Create A Reservation”, you are given multiple Template options. Note: not all templates will be available for all users.

  • To book space in SPH, use one of the SPH templates. If you have questions, please contact _______
  • SMHS Hotel - this template is ONLY to book space in the 3rd floor hotelling space
  • SMHS Meetings/Seminars/Events Reservation - this template is designed for all faculty or staff reserving space in Ross Hall.
  • SMHS Student Reservation Request - This template is designed to allow students to request space in Ross Hall. Students should only use this template.
What if I need to reserve for more than 2 hours?

If you need the room for more than two hours, put that information in the Setup Notes section under 2. Services

I am a non-GW affiliated person/organization who wants to reserve space in Ross Hall. How do I do that?

To reserve space in Ross Hall, you must have a GW affiliate make the request. Non-GW individuals will need to work with GW departments or individuals to sponsor their event.

For all other questions, please submit them in the message box below, and we will get back to you as

soon as possible.

Events FAQ


Can I bring a pet into the building?

Currently, no pets are allowed in Ross Hall. An exception will be made for service animals.

Why am I not allowed to set up/break down furniture on my own?

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences is not responsible for any injuries sustained while moving, setting up and/or breaking down furniture within the building.

Why can I not place tables in the hallways?

Fire code does not allow  us to place tables in the hallways, as it is a safety issue. However, we are happy to discuss other alternatives for your setup.

Why can I not tape, tack staple, or affix flyers or decorations to the walls, doors or windows for my event in Ross Hall?

We have this policy to protect the facilities. You can have decorations, but they need to be freestanding or you can attach them to the tables and chairs that we provide for our event.

My group is interested in placing a collection box in Ross Hall for clothes/book/food, etc. What rules and policies do you have regarding collection boxes?

All collection boxes must be approved by the Office of Resource Management and Operations. We only allow up to two organizations at a time. These boxes may stay for a maximum of two weeks and must be emptied regularly by a member of the sponsoring organization. Any materials remaining after two weeks will be removed. Please go over our donation box policy for more details.


What is the rental rate for tables/chairs?

Currently, no fees are charged for tables or chairs in Ross Hall.

I need to remove furniture from a classroom/conference room for my event, what are my options?

Any furniture removal requires the completion of a work request form. This form should be submitted to, at least 2 weeks before event.

I was asked to set up a meeting with the Events Coordinator. Is this really necessary?

If you are requesting a non-standard setup, you may have been asked to set up a planning meeting. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to go over details and design a room-specific diagram for your event. It is extremely beneficial to cover specific details, discuss policies, explain what services are available, and consider other factors of your program that you may not have considered.

Are there other policies I should be aware of before scheduling my event?
I am interested in reserving the Ross Hall Courtyard for my event. What rules and policies do you have regarding courtyard reservations?

The Ross Hall Courtyard is for exclusive use of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and is solely reserved for school-wide events. If your event falls within these guidelines, you may complete a request form and submit it to Please note that the space is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation (usually within 3 business days). If approved, you will be required to have a planning meeting with the events coordinator to discuss details, policies and services available. You will also be asked to provide a rain plan.

I am holding an event on the weekend. Are there any special rules or policies I should keep in mind?

Because we do not have on-site staff on the weekends, it is crucial that you submit all security lists on time, as well as any requests for setups and A/V. We will also need to know if you are planning on serving food, so that we may inform housekeeping.

Can I request any services on the weekends, at all?

Weekend services are based on availability, so it is very important that you submit requests for weekend services at least 2 weeks in advance. Weekend requests are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation. You may request an A/V tech on site, housekeepers and/or events coordinator. Please note that weekend requests will incur in additional fees.

Are portable food warming fuels, such as Sterno, allowed to be used to keep food warm for events?

Due to past multiple fire incidents in Ross Hall because of open flame food warmers, Sterno are not allowed as food warmers in the building. If your department needs special consideration, please inform the Event Coordinator during the planning phase and we will work closely with you by providing safety training and other important information

How do I request AV equipment/support (microphones, teleconferencing, etc)?

AV services may be requested using the event reservation tool.A list of AV equipment already available in each room can be found on the Classrooms Website.