Ross Hall Construction

Current SMHS Construction Projects

Last Updated: 12/1/2022

This page includes information about current SMHS construction projects.

Ross Hall 4th Floor Lab Construction

  • Working through Punch list

Elevator Upgrade

  • Elevator Work Completed

Cell Therapy - cGMP 

Week of 11/28

  • Monday: Insulate copper pipes
  • Tuesday: Sanitary rough in, Clean room B1 level sanitary rough in
  • Thursday-Friday: Install tank room exhaust duct
  • Monday-Friday: Install drywall and finish
  • Friday: Prime walls

Week of 12/5

  • Monday: Install drywall and finish, Prime walls
  • Tuesday: Install access panel B1 animal holding area
  • Wednesday-Friday: Deliver and install humidifier
  • Monday-Friday: Install Clean room

Week of 12/12

  • Monday-Friday: Deliver and install AHU, Install Clean room


Clinical Research Administrative Space

  • Coming Soon