Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools connect individuals together through audio and video via the web. At GW SMHS, we provide support for the following apps:

  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Webex
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet

For instructions for WebEx, please see below. Support for all other apps, please review the Web Conferencing Comparison page, or contact

Webex Assistance

Please review the following tutorials and tips to enhance your Webex experience. Visit the following link for a full Webex Overview.

Types of Webex Meetings

  • Webex Meeting - Standard setup for conference meetings (Suggested)
  • Webex Events - Designed for panels and attendees
  • Webex Training - Provides more interactive tools

Joining a Webex Meeting -
Receiving an Webex invite > Clicked “Join Meeting” or “Join Event”


green Join Meeting button
green Join Event button

Visit link below:

  • Webex Audio and Video - 
    1. Check that you have a microphone connected to PC
      1. Built-in laptop microphone and camera
      2. External USB microphone and camera connection (e.g. Webcam)
    2. Visit link for setup details 
  • Sharing Content - Sharing documents or videos as a presenter
  • Scheduling Webex Events - Check out tutorial of scheduling meetings
  • Microphone and Camera Issues: If you have checked all tutorials above and still are experiencing issues, check Windows 10 settings
    1. Search > “Microphone Privacy” or “Camera Privacy”
    2. Select > “Microphone Privacy” or “Camera Privacy”
    3. Check that “Allow access to apps” is toggled “On”

For additional assistance, please contact: 
Classroom Services -