The Weingold Executive Conference Center - Request Form

Our goal at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences is to make every event safe and successful. Therefore, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our event policies and procedures. Proper planning tends to result in an excellent event.

Key Policies

  • Please keep in mind that The Weingold Conference Center has restricted usage. If a difficulty arises, we will contact you.
  • All events must comply with the DC Alcohol Policy as well as all other University policies.
  • Housekeeping: Housekeeping charges will apply for events at which food and/or beverages are served. Housekeeping services are approximately $28.00/hour with a 2-hour minimum (capped at 2 hours except for after hours or weekend events).
  • Room set-up: Professional movers will be responsible for moving existing furniture and equipment for university sponsored events. Moving charges are approximately $250.00/hr. For more information on moving charges please contact our Event Team at
  • We ask that you be considerate of your colleagues by sending us an email as soon as possible at if your event is cancelled so we can make the room available.
  • Ross Hall is a secured building; you will be given access instructions once your request is approved.

By Submitting Your Requests

  • You indicate that you have read the above policies and agree to comply with DC Alcohol Policy as well as all other University policies.
  • You indicate that you understand that our primary mission is an academic one, and there is a slight possibility that reschedule of non-academic events will be required. All requests should be considered TENTATIVE until confirmation is RECEIVED.

Requests not submitted with a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event might not be honored or may result in additional charges to accommodate the request.


Time Needed for Set-up and Clean-up

Selected time reflects requested time both before and after event (ie. 30 min. for set up and 30 min. for clean up).
Will this event have external guests?

(Max. room capacity is 58. Max. seating capacity is 46)
Set Up Type

(Please review images of Weingold set up in the link found directly above Event Name for reference.)
Will this event generate media coverage?
Please detail any audio/video requirements:
Will alcohol be served?

Please refer to the Alcohol Policy.

(AV equipment, loading dock, etc.)

Please submit Housekeeping request via FixIt and email the Work Order number to

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